Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is available on an individual student basis. Tutoring sessions can be customized to provide targeted preparation, address specific interest areas, or assist with current school work.

Aino Curriculum

Want more individualized instruction in any of our core programs? Let us work with your child one-on-one to give them a tailored experience beyond what is possible in the group settings.

School Curriculum

Need help with an honors or AP class? We can either work with the materials your school provides or we can draw from our library of materials that support a broad array of topics.

Custom Curriculum

Does your child have a favorite hobby, sport, film, band, book, etc…? Let us design an academic curriculum around one or more of those interest areas. With both innovation and inspiration, we can weave real learning and rigor into a topic that your child is already motivated to learn more about. By interweaving academics with interests and placing them in such close proximity to each other, the discovery of both becomes natural and seamless.