College Prep advanced education courses


Aino courses are intense and challenging. We offer a range of packages that add between 40 and 200 classroom hours to a student’s annual academic calendar. American schools currently lack the time on task needed to compete. We can bridge that gap and make your child competitive not only with their peers in your town or state, but with their peers around the globe.


Aino’s curriculum is designed to build familiarity with standardized test structures, especially those found on the SAT. We only use reading texts that contain discussions of social science, medical science, natural science, physical science, mathematics, and technology (the most common SAT reading passage topics). Moreover, the texts we select are ripe with SAT vocabulary. Similarly, our grammar and writing courses address the key grammar rules and writing prompts on the writing section of the SAT. Aino’s reasoning courses also address concepts found on the math section of the SAT. In this sense, Aino believes that familiarity with the test is the genesis of confidence.


Aino thinks in terms of months and years, not days or weeks. We do not take short cuts or promise quick fixes. Instead, we promote early adoption and mastery of the underlying skills that the test is intended to measure through full immersion in engaging and relevant coursework. We believe doing so allows skills to become ingrained for a lifetime, benefiting the student far beyond the test.


Aino’s skills are not designed simply for the short term. They also benefit students over the long term. We look to build synergistic skill sets that apply not only to the SAT, but to the GMAT, LSAT, GRE, and MCAT as well. Many of our skills are also essential to college, career, and life.