About Aino Education

About Aino Education

Engaging Lesson Plans: Aino Education

“Master the skills, strategies, and structures that are measured by standardized tests...”


Aino is not just test prep. It is an organic extension and acceleration of your child’s education in which he or she will master the skills, strategies, and structures that are measured by standardized tests. We are professional practitioners, who are serious about the craft of building engaging lessons and materials. Feel free to compare our offerings to any on the market and you will see their unique quality and value to your child.


Aino’s curriculum has been used by supplementary education organizations to improve students’ SAT scores, college application essays, and overall college profile.


Aino offers an original and unique curriculum that is populated with rich content intended to build the core skills your child needs to perform on standardized tests, in college, and in their future careers.


Aino is not for everyone. We seek to build a learning community that is populated with curious, diligent, and insightful young people. Our small group settings engender a dynamic between group members that hastens skill building and mastery. This exchange of ideas is invaluable.


Aino strategically targets the core skills that will determine your child’s future. Our materials and methods are designed to maximize ROI (return on investment) by delivering content in the most memorable and engaging manner possible and by placing students in an active, not a passive role, tasking them with leading the discovery of meaning.


College Prep advanced education courses


Aino courses are intense and challenging. We offer a range of packages that add between 40 and 200 classroom hours to a student’s annual academic calendar. American schools currently lack the time on task needed to compete. We can bridge that gap and make your child competitive not only with their peers in your town or state, but with their peers around the globe.


Aino’s curriculum is designed to build familiarity with standardized test structures, especially those found on the SAT. We only use reading texts that contain discussions of social science, medical science, natural science, physical science, mathematics, and technology (the most common SAT reading passage topics). Moreover, the texts we select are ripe with SAT vocabulary. Similarly, our grammar and writing courses address the key grammar rules and writing prompts on the writing section of the SAT. Aino’s reasoning courses also address concepts found on the math section of the SAT. In this sense, Aino believes that familiarity with the test is the genesis of confidence.


Aino thinks in terms of months and years, not days or weeks. We do not take short cuts or promise quick fixes. Instead, we promote early adoption and mastery of the underlying skills that the test is intended to measure through full immersion in engaging and relevant coursework. We believe doing so allows skills to become ingrained for a lifetime, benefiting the student far beyond the test.


Aino’s skills are not designed simply for the short term. They also benefit students over the long term. We look to build synergistic skill sets that apply not only to the SAT, but to the GMAT, LSAT, GRE, and MCAT as well. Many of our skills are also essential to college, career, and life.


Aino Education instruction

Progressive Pedagogy

Aino asks students to lead the discovery process because studies show that students learn best when they teach back the material they are learning rather than having it lectured to them. Toward this end, we employ small group work, activities, skill-building games, and other competitive and cooperative methods that highlight student voices and grant students ownership of the learning process.

Proficient Planning

Aino boasts a library of over four hundred lesson plans that ensure all students receive a similar learning experience across classrooms regardless of who their instructor might be. While these plans provide a degree of consistency, our instructors are also tasked with adapting the plans as needed to meet the needs of their students.


Educational Assessments


Assessments are given before, during, and after the coursework to measure student mastery of skills. All of our assessments incorporate standardized test question types and structures.


We use scanning technology to process all student assessments and generate itemized analyses of each student’s performance. These results are then used to generate individual student reports for students and parents to review.


Aino Education Curriculum


Aino’s curriculum includes the use of:
Review Sheets
Activity Sheets
Assignment Sheets

Aino’s curriculum is academically oriented. Attention to detail is a core tenet of all of our materials. We strive for full accuracy and precision in conveying the rules and principles of a given academic subject.


Aino’s curriculum is instructive and works to direct student attention to the most critical and important takeaways from each topic discussed or investigated. However, while our materials are edifying, they are not pedantic due to the accessible nature of their design.


Aino’s curriculum is built to be aesthetically pleasing and engaging. Stark color, vivid imagery, and thoughtful layout are the hallmark of Aino curricular products. We value the appearance of our materials because the more attractive they are, the more effective they are.


Aino’s curriculum is memorable and encourages future recall of the content through the incorporation of mnemonic devices. The placement and look of those devices on various handouts is strategic and deliberate. Moreover, students are required to populate their work product with mnemonic devices from various media and genres in order to enhance retention.